Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Quick Update - Just got back from Miami

Hey guys!

So I just got back from a business trip to Miami, and I am completely exhausted. I did however want to update you on a a few things real quick.

1st - I want to welcome the CEO of Crunchy Logistics back (Neil Dufva) from his month long journey in Europe!

2nd - I want to thank Joe Britt for responding to my e-mail, it shows a lot of character when someone that busy and that important takes time out of his day.

Now that Neil and the rest of the Crunchy team are back from Europe, and that Bud Townsend has had some time to work on his other projects (obligations), we should be getting our Natural User System project going once again. Also, I like the style of having a skype meeting/show so you most likely will see more of that.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Update - New Home Automation Blog

Natural User System - The future of home automation

Hey guys/gals!
So who would have ever thought we would get so much interest in our Home Automation side project! Well the people have spoke, and our Natural User System is a go. In this video we explain why we are transitioning our blog, and why our system is named Natural User System (not andorid@home). We also ask Joe Britt (head honcho of android@home) for a favor :p

We also briefly discuss what our next version of this prototype (v1.2) will incorporate.

Check out the vblog update, and make sure to follow us on twitter (@crunchylogistic) for the latest news.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

NUS project Featured on hackaday.com!


Its official, The Natural User System project is a go! After a successful demonstration to the Crunchy Logistics team, we have been given the green light to proceed with development.